Over shots can we altercate your angel embroidered love me mat

code was the tapped dorm door and it surely fonders meekly

above our evening masked prime


..  .-.. --- ...- .  -.-- --- ..-


The matter of your serpitude is rather pleasing over eyes,

so proudly it reveals plurals in all the obfuscated means.


Perplexed is a way to hold them to a candle

until the news of the day is swung around inside and others can hear us exceed value

others can invite themselves and ponder what will eventually ruin us an outside life. 


Can it be possible that you really are malnourished?

the twelve chances months can take also has that opportunity to cleanse

can it be possible to laugh at myself in the mirror and be the best version of you?


If this was a code similar to

 ..  .-.. --- ...- .  -.-- --- ..-

were friends not made to cling to the rafters and beat Elipsis on you 

you walked right into compassion, the real prize, the real media puzzle.


We can reach a forgone conclusion in this space - can we meet our parents now?

PoetryQuinton Farrow